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this webpage is a collection of my personal projects, a place that i control that allows me to build and publish my own small ideas. i've spent a lot of time building it and slowly redefining it (yet it still looks like this) even though it's not impressive neither visually nor technically, it represents my ideas and beliefs.


almost everything you see, from the breadcrumbs to the buttons, is handcrafted and built from scratch with eleventy, hosted in firebase, using nunjucks, sass, markdown (and a ton of client-side javascript).

apart from having its github repo, it is connected to firebase hosting through CI/CD using github actions, including the 'beta' branch that hosts the latest changes before going live.


the "design" is a tribute to the legendary daft punk 90's website. as you can probably tell, it's a very important reference for me, and even though it doesn't hold up to today's standards, i've always loved the simplicty and the way that it looks.

from December 1st to January 7th every year, there is snow falling (thanks to zachleat)

several other inspirations: